Online Marketing to Reputation Marketing: Why the Change?

For many years I focused on online marketing for local businesses and the main reason why I was approached by businesses was for SEO services.

I was able to get businesses to the top of the search engines for the keywords that their customers were searching in Google and other search engines.

But there seemed to be a common occurrence happening with some of my clients.

Once we achieve top positions for keywords in the search engines.

ConfusedI would do my monthly follow up and I would speak to them and find out if their business was getting better with their new customers calling their business.

The answer I was getting from someone of my clients was No! They were not getting more calls.

Not long after being at the top of Google, they would ask to stop the SEO I was doing on their websites because it was not working for them.

“Being Number 1 in Google does not generate new business calls”  I was being told.

Research Time

It is a 100% fact that being at the top of Google will generate any local business calls from potential customers calling to enquire about their services.

I dug a little deeper and after many hours spent, I found the reason why they were not getting any calls.

They had bad reviews written about their business. The reviews were split between new and old among the clients that I researched.

So basically, the clients weren’t getting calls because they had a bad reputation!

This got me thinking, all the SEO and beautiful web design can’t undo a bad reputation online.

Bad Reputation

LuxSaf was born…

Reputation Management + Brand Marketing = Reputation Marketing

LuxSafconsolidates all the reviews from around the internet in one place, we manage and amend the bad reviews with those customers.

We then build a 5-Star reputation by getting existing customers to review the business online and finally we market their new 5-Star reputation to consumers searching for their services/products online.

By working with businesses on their reputation, we guarantee that the marketing done there after for the business will increase their ROI.

Does your business need Reputation Marketing?

The quickest and easiest way to find out is to run your business through our “Reputation Grader” which will provide you with a free report.

The report will show you how clients see your business online, all the reviews that are written about your business as well if your business information is correct on those websites.

Contact LuxSaf and find out how we can help your business online

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