We do what we do because we actually like helping businesses and it is success stories like this that make us smile.

We recently started working with an estate agent in Leicester one week ago, it was Tuesday that we actually agreed on the contract.

Before we start helping a business build a 5-Star reputation we go through the same process. This process puts our clients in the best possible position to get new reviews from their customers.

Below are the 3 stages of a client setup. This is important to know because it leads to the results for the client in question.

Manage Reviews

We began by syncing with all of the 3rd party websites that their business is listed. We amended any incorrect information on those websites so they displayed the same information as their Google Maps listing.

Their reviews are collected in one place so they could see exactly what has been written by their customers in the past. Alerts were setup so the client is notified as soon as a new review is written on any 3rd party website in the future.

The client was made aware of negative reviews and we suggested that they deal with the reviews by contacting each of the individuals and speak with them and the publically writing a comment.

Generate Reviews

Every business gets two very important pages built for them:

  • Feedback page
  • Check in page

Each page is designed in accordance with their business branding (Colours and design).

Their email sequences are written by our in-house copywriting team. The email copy is proven to encourage customers to review a business online.

Marketing Reputation

We market our client’s reputation in 3 ways:

  • The search engines
  • The client’s website
  • Social Media

The search engines: All of the reviews written by customers will get indexed and start appearing in the search engines by the 3rd party websites (Google, Facebook, Yelp etc) The more “stars” that appear for a business on a variety of websites the more trust the client has with that business.

The Client’s website: We provide a small piece of code that will be placed on the client’s website. This will stream the latest reviews from all over the internet directly on the website.

Social Media: We link to our client’s social media websites. This allows our system to share “review images & videos” on their behalf allowing their customers to read their positive feedback.

It Is Time To Get Reviews

With every new LuxSaf client, we send an initial email campaign to past customers to encourage them to share their experience online.

This campaign was sent to 47 customers and after 3 days of sending the first email sequence, 16 reviews were written on company profiles online:

  • 9 Google Reviews
  • 1 Yelp Reviews
  • 6 Facebook Reviews

This morning I received this email:


I have been getting email notifications from the crm about our customers writing reviews for the past couple of days. 

Yesterday, I got a call from a new someone who wants us to sell their house because they saw our reviews on Facebook. 

I am going to sign her up today. This is what we have been looking for. 

It’s 8 days into a long campaign but with results like this, we are going to help this client become the number 1 estate agent in Leicester.

The estate agent will continue to add their customers into the email sequence to generate new reviews, it will become part of their daily routine.

So far the client’s reputation online has increased:

  • Google Reviews: 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars
  • Yelp Reviews: 0 stars to 5 stars
  • Facebook: 4.3 average rating

We look forward to growing their reputation even more.

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