Local SEO Case Study

Brand New Domain to Ranking in Google

Local SEO Challenge

A lot local businesses are getting “ripped” off by SEO agencies and are not getting the results they deserve for the money they are paying each month. This “Local SEO Case Study” is going to show that LuxSaf is an online marketing agency that can deliver the results that they are after in the search engines.

Follow as we build a brand new website and rank the website in the search engines for a variety of keywords. Learn how to rank a website in the search engines.

Have a question: Send us an email. #LocalSEOChallenge

Day 13: Google Maps & Buffer Links

The game is to progress a brand new domain and get it ranking for a variety of keywords in the search engines. #LocalSEOChallenge If you missed the last post - Day 5 of the Local SEO Case study update For the past 7 days, work has been done and we are starting to see...

Day 5: Website Build & Apple Maps

Day 5 of the Local SEO Case study update In the past 4 days since the last post Day 1: Research, Website Setup and More we have done quite a bit work towards getting a brand new website to the first page of Google. The majority of our time was spent completing the...

Day 1: Research, Website Setup and More

Today, we begin a live case study that I will be sharing the updates on LuxSaf.com on a regular basis giving you a very transparent and clear understanding of what we are doing to rank a brand new website in the search engines. The idea to do a live Local SEO case...

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