If your customers are the heart of your business, you need to find a way to listen to all of their feedback and turn them into a better product or service.

A common issue that a lot of LuxSaf’s clients have is being able to monitor reviews being written about their business online.

When we run their business and generate a reputation report, they are astonished that they have reviews across a multitude of different websites and search engines.

Learning that you have great reviews on different websites is great if they are POSITIVE reviews about your business but when you realise that there are negative reviews about your business that potential customers are reading, it is damaging your business and overall hurts your business.

Review monitoring is a process that helps businesses stay connected to their customers through reviews. Email alerts will be sent as soon as a review is written about your business.

Review alerts as soon as a review is written

How awesome will it be to get an email saying one of your clients has left a review about your business on a review website with a link to where the review is written.

One click and you can be reading the review allowing you to deal with the review in the perfect way.

No need for visiting all your business profiles and checking for reviews. Get email alerts as they happen.

Positive reviews

Thumbs UpHaving a review written about your business is something special, one of your happy customers took time out of their day to share their experience about your business and how it made them feel.

Take time to leave a response and let them know that you care.

Commenting on positive reviews shows your potential customers that you care and that their review has been acknowledged.

Review comments by the business encourage more reviews.

Negative reviews

Thumbs DownNo business likes the thought of having an unhappy customer and even worse having them tell other people about their experience.

It is proven that people who write negative reviews just want to be heard by the business and it is how you deal with the negative reviews that will determine how potential customers view your business.

What does damage a businesses reputation online is negative reviews that are not dealt with by the business. It shows a lack of empathy towards that customer and potential customers reading that review

It shows a lack of empathy towards that particular customer and potential customers that read the review won’t want to have the same experience.

By having email alerts set up for your business, you are made aware of negative reviews which allows you to deal with that customer in the best way possible.

For the greater good of your business

Every business owner has the best intentions for the business so why leave your reputation at risk by not having review alerts in place?

Speak to LuxSaf to set up review alerts for your business.

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