Review Marketing

Let your reputation promote you online

Review Marketing

Let your reputation promote you online

Review Marketing

Your customers are your business marketing

A 1-star rating increase can increase your businesses ROI by 9% according to a Havard Business study.

Use your reviews to their full potential to increase the number of new customers using your business.

The LuxSaf reputation marketing solution will automatically share your reviews around the internet to Social Media websites (Facebook, Twitter Linkedin etc), Image websites (Instagram, Pinterest etc) and Video websites (Youtube, Vimeo etc)

Delivering a great experience to each and every customer should be a top priority.

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Improved SEO

LuxSaf will embed a rich snippet code into your website that will show your star ratings under your website in the search results. 

By having your star ratings showing in the search results, you will increase the click-through rates of customers searching for the services or products that you offer. 

All your reviews will be indexed by the search engines, great user-generated content for your business.

SEM marketing

LuxSaf will help your Google Adwords campaigns stand out with Google Seller Ratings with your reputation stars under your Google Adwords ads which increase click-through rate (CTR).

Google has confirmed that your star reputation will increase your clicks by 20% compared to no stars.

Social media engagement

Your customers are using social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to post updates and share their experiences every day. 

LuxSaf will auto-share your 5-star customer reviews onto your social media accounts on your behalf, to spread the word of how great your business is for new potential customers to see.

Showcase your reviews on your website

Display all your reviews from around the internet directly on your website. These reviews are in real-time and will display (Facebook,, Bing etc) where the reviews are written.

These reviews will index and boost your website SEO.

Improve your SEO, SEM and social media marketing by utilising your customer reviews.

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