Review Management

All your reviews in one place

Review Management

All your reviews in one place

Review Management

Never been this simple

Our CRM offers a comprehensive dashboard that will allow you to view all your reviews as they get written by your customers. 

You can filter by platform (Google, Facebook, Yelp etc) or by star ratings (5 stars, 4 stars etc).

You will receive email reports as soon as a review is written about your business online.

To best serve your customers, you need to clearly establish your value.

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Respond to reviews from CRM

Respond to your business reviews from inside the CRM. You will go directly to where the review is written and you can respond directly to the customer. 

By engaging with your customer’s reviews (positive & negative) you are able to communicate and solve any problems as soon as they happen. 

Negative review tickets

LuxSaf lets you convert any negative review tickets when they have been dealt with by a member of staff. 

These tickets allow you to track any issues with customer feedback and also allows you to keep communication open with your customer. 

Improve customer satisfaction to increase sales.

Review reporting

Track how your business is improving with review reports. 

You are able to track reviews over time, by platform, by star ratings and location. 

Reporting not only gives you feedback on customer experience but also shows where your customers are engaging with your business.

Take control of your customer reviews to improve any customer issues, improve customer satisfaction and increase ROI.

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