The way we decide on which local business to work with has changed drastically over the last 3-4 years.

Is your business adapting?

There has been a massive shift in the way we select local businesses to work with and it is thanks to websites like Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Tripadvisor to name a few.

Basically, these websites have created an opportunity for “Consensus”.

With growing competition for local businesses, people are uncertain about taking action, (like hiring a local business) they will look to the actions and behaviours of others to determine which local business to use.

Amazon ReviewsThis is known as seeking consensus or social proof. It allows your brain to bypass all of the risk related triggers that you would normally face when making a new “buying” decision.

Thinking about going to that new restaurant? What have your friends on Facebook said about it? Are there images on Instagram? Are there reviews on All of these will determine if you go to that new restaurant or not.

Do you want to try a new gym supplement? You probably won’t buy it unless you read the reviews on Amazon and there are many with a good star rating.

Love it or Hate it, Reviews are here to stay

Customers are able to read, engage and review your business on a wide variety of social platforms and all engagements are available for everyone to see.

  • Positive feedback can snowball into a massively huge campaign that will bring continued success.
  • Negative feedback can bring a business to their knees.

For the customer, social media  & review websites bring transparency and it assures that they can find a trusted company that will do what they set out to do in the beginning.

Reputation Marketing

Accept that Reviews are part of your business

The sooner local businesses accept that fact that reviews are here to stay, the sooner they can take advantage of their customer feedback and start using it to generate more new customers.

Feedback and reviews should not be thought of as negative, you should think positive about the reviews you will receive from your happy clients.

The businesses who do not accept reviews as part of their everyday life are the businesses who worry about receiving negative feedback from their customers.

Time to start Reputation Marketing

Positive reviews instil trust and goodwill and the more reviews you have the easier the decision for the potential customer.

LuxSaf is a specialist reputation marketing agency, we manage, build and market the 5-Star reputations for our clients.

Do you want double, triple and even more positive reviews from your customers more that you closest competitor? Do you want your review to grow without you doing much work?

If you answered Yes to either of the two questions above then get in touch with us. We will build you a 5-Star reputation that will continually bring in more business for your company! #ReputationMarketing

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