The goal of any local businesses is to be seen in the search engines when consumers are searching for services that they offer but in today’s world, there is so much competition from other businesses.

You should have a website for your business and you should be optimising it with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to be found in the search engines.

SEO is a great way to get your business in front of customers who are looking for your services but also bear in mind that you direct competitors are also trying to get to the top spot your keywords.

Do something different or do it better

As you compete with your competitors to be seen in the search engines, you need to look for new and better ways to get your website ranking in Google and other search engines.

A lot of businesses overlook the great advice that Google provides advising you to want they want “websites” to do in order to get higher in the search results.

Google has quite clearly stated that they want businesses to encourage customer reviews and by doing so those businesses will be rewarded in the search results.

In ranking businesses in the local search results, Google’s goal has always been to model the real world. It aims to reward the companies that are the most popular and prominent within their own market areas — those that are the most highly regarded by their customers, considered to among the best at what they do and that people generally patronize, talk well about and recommend to their friends. Those are the local businesses that Google wants to show in its local search results.

As you can see from the website, Google wants local businesses to get reviews from their customers and will reward businesses that do get recommended online.

Not only will your business be rewarded with higher rankings in the Google maps and organic search results, it will also increase the conversion rates with customers trusting the reviews you get from your clients.

It is a Win Win situation!

Depending on which survey you see, somewhere between 75% and 90% of consumers read online reviews when considering a purchase. A slightly smaller number of us trust online reviews as much as we trust recommendations made by people that we know.

Consumers trust online reviews as if they were recommendations from people they know.

Wikipedia Reputation Marketing

The time is now for local businesses to start taking advantage of online reviews, not only to benefit their website online but also to increase the trust that consumers will have to your business.

Increase exposure in Google + Online Trust = Increased ROI

A company’s Reputation Score is an easy way to determine how consumers view their business online.

This can be done by manually visiting all the websites that your business and collecting a lot of information …. or … you can click here and get a Free online reputation report.

Building your Online Reputation

Now that we have determined that a great online reputation will increase your website in the search results and also increase conversion with consumers, it is time to start reputation marketing.

LuxSaf is a specialist agency that helps businesses manage their existing reputation, help them grow their reputation from existing and past customers and market your 5-Star reputation to consumers looking for your products/services online.

We do all the hard work while you on your customers!

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