Reputation Marketing vs Reputation Management for local businesses by Forbes

It is quite interesting that they feel that “reputation marketing” does not have a great reputation.

Personally, I feel this is a slight exaggeration but with the growing “in your face” emails and marketing from companies in India and Philippines, local businesses are not interested in seeing the advantages for their business.

Over the many years that I have been doing online marketing, very seldom have I come across a business who wants to build trust in their brand. They are only looking for higher rankings and more traffic.

They do not realise that they have a lot of traffic from potential customers, they are not getting the calls because there is no trust in the business from past customers.

“Online trust will generate more calls to your business!”

Local businesses that have a great 5-Star reputation will get enquiries from people searching online as they will have the trust in your business.

The reputation management industry has long reinforced these negative habits of thought, stoking fear that our brands will be hobbled and our businesses shuttered by bad press or scathing reviews. As brands and business owners, we’re made to feel desperate, whip-sawed by forces beyond our control. Reputation, consisting of mentions, comments, recommendations and reviews across a buzzing, shape-shifting universe of online publishers and apps isn’t a problem centre but a value centre for brands and businesses.

It is time to move away from reputation management and move your thoughts to reputation marketing…

In today’s environment, it’s no longer sufficient to think about reputation management like we think about crisis management. We need to think about our reputations as a constant, competitive advantage; a driver of growth and prosperity; and a strategic asset. We need to think about reputation marketing.

Reputation Marketing is the promotion of your great reviews from your customers. Just like Word of Mouth!

Final Thought

Growing the reputation for your business online is 100% proven to to enhance your business online.

Find out how we can help you get a 5-Star reputation which will instil trust in your customers and potential customers searching for your services.

We look forward to helping you and your business.



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