How to properly deal with negative reviews from unhappy customers online

Nobody likes getting negative reviews written about their business online. As a business owner, when you see a bad/negative review online it can come as a shock and an insult to your business.

You will probably get upset and often angry with the customer but don’t as this will not solve anything. You have an unhappy customer and the whole world can see this negative review.

You have to deal with it!

Dealing with negative reviews

The biggest fault with businesses is not dealing with a negative review and hope that no one sees it. This will only lead to more disgruntled customers and it will tell all your future customers that you do not care about your unhappy customers.

Remember, customers, read reviews because they want to learn about a business and get an idea of the experience that they will receive.

Often a grumpy customer just wants to be heard. If you show that customer that you heard what they had to say and that you’re happy to resolve the issue, sometimes that’s enough to appease them.

By responding to bad reviews will show that you care about your customers and you will stand out from your competitors.

Most companies don’t pay attention to reviews – so customers (and potential customers) will remember the companies that do pay attention to what their customers think.


70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated

When dealing with negative reviews, don’t:

  • Get defensive
  • Ignore it
  • Start a battle of words
  • Beg for positive reviews to hide negative ones

When dealing with negative reviews, do:

  • Acknowledge the issue at hand
  • Promote aspects of your business
  • Be personal and authentic
  • Take the discussion offline (email or phone)

84% of people trusting an online review as much as a personal recommendation

A recent survey found that after dealing with a customer’s negative review in the correct manner, there is a 33% chance that they will change their online review.

Here’s an example of how to respond to a negative online review:

This is Bob Jones, owner of Bob’s plumbing. I am so sorry that you are not happy with the service that you received by one of our technicians. Our ethos at Bob;s plumbing is to leave every customer satisfied with the service and quality of workmanship. Please call me directly to discuss this matter in more detail and resolve your situation. My contact information: [Telephone number] & [email address].

Learn from your reviews

Once you have dealt with a negative review online, take it as a learning curve.

If your business constantly receives negative reviews from your customers, it may be time to look at the business and work to fix the cause of the issue.


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