Today, we begin a live case study that I will be sharing the updates on on a regular basis giving you a very transparent and clear understanding of what we are doing to rank a brand new website in the search engines.

The idea to do a live Local SEO case study came to us because there is a lot of doubt in the world about companies who offer “SEO” as a service to local businesses.

Almost every business that we have spoken to has once been ripped off by an SEO agency.

Money has been paid and they have not received the results that were promised to them when negotiating the contract.

We as a company find this disgusting and gives us a bad name automatically and we are do not want to be tarnished with the same brush.

Case Study Guidelines

Throughout the whole case study, we are going to break down everything that we are doing to get this website to the top of the search engines and in the end in a position to rent it to a relevant business in that city.

At no time will we share the URL of the website and we decided to do this because we want to build this site fair with no added help of excess traffic from users visiting the site to see the progress.

Now to break down day 1 of the Local SEO case study

Day 1 was a mega day for this build, we accomplished a lot and we will explain below:

Choosing a niche/industry

This was probably the hardest part as we work in a variety of online niches for our clients.

We did want to choose a niche that is competitive and had decent searches so we could show reports on traffic and phone calls as the case study progresses.

After much discussion, we opted to go after the boiler repair and installation niche.

During the process of selecting this niche, we did keyword research which gave us a great understanding of the traffic on a monthly basis for {keyword + Location}.

The traffic stats:

  • Boiler Repair {Location} – 340 searches per month
  • Boiler Installation {Location} – 170 searches per month
  • Boiler Service {Location} – 170 searches per month

We will be focusing on getting the website to appear on the first page of Google for Plumbing related search terms. We will go into this at a later stage.

Domain Name

For this case study, we decided on an EMD – Exact Match Domain.

We decided to do this because when it is ranking and generating calls from customers we are going to approach a business and pass the leads over.

So it is best to have a generic domain rather than

The domain was purchased on 1st September 2017.

Website Build

The domain was setup with an SSL Certificate (https://) and pointed to our servers and we began laying out the website. We created all the pages that we needed to create before submitting to the search engines.

The pages that we created:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Contact Us
  • Blog
  • Privacy Policy

We are using the Divi theme to build the website with a handful of plugins to help us on our way.

  • Google Sitemaps
  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Fastest Cache

Th website is going to be simple and to the point with CTA’s (Call to Actions) to encourage customers to contact us through the website.

Local Number

We secured a local number for the website from Twilio for £1 a month and with a little bit of coding setup call forwarding to a mobile number.

This is done to track all calls coming into the business. You can track numbers and also call duration.

It will be a great asset when it comes time to approach a local business because we will be able to show a number of calls that we are receiving.

Gmail account

We created a Gmail account with fake details to allow to create various properties that improve the chances of getting a website found in the search engines.

The Gmail account is our key to helping the website get found in the search engines.

The Gmail address will allow us to:

  • Google Maps Listing
  • Analytics
  • Google Webmasters
  • Youtube
  • Google +

All of these are VERY important to get your website appearing in the search engines.

Social Fortress

To appear like a real business we have to do what real businesses do online. We created a variety of social profiles:

  • Facebook page
  • Youtube channel
  • Twitter account

During the case study, we will create other profiles but for this was good for now.

*What we did not want to do is create 20 profiles in one day, that does not look natural.

Google Maps Listing

This is one of the most important aspects of the Local SEO Challenge. We aim to get the Google Maps listing appearing on the first page of Google as well as the website.

We created the listing and added as much information as we could, making sure to get the N.A.P correct.

N.A.P. stands for Name, Address, Phone

One of the biggest ranking factors for Google local is N.A.P information for a business.

It is imperative that the same EXACT information you use on your Google Maps listing should be used on your website and also the directories you list your business.

Here is a quick example:

If your telephone number on your Google Maps is 0207 123 4567 then it should NOT be +442071234567.

Even tho it is the same number it is laid out differently and it will affect your rankings.

We submitted the listing and are waiting for the postcode to arrive in the post. Generally 4 – 7 days.

Citations Service

Now that we had created our Google Maps listing, we began adding the business to local directory websites and activating the listings.

All these websites will give a citation for our business which will allow Google to see we are a legitimate business and also improve our position in the search engines.

This is a time-consuming process, there are services you can pay for but we deal with local business directories and we understand the power that they have for local business.

We prefer to spend the time and make sure the listings are 100% complete. This offers the best value in the long run.

You can see the list of sites that we listed this new website – Citation websites

We will continue to add the business details to directory websites through out the case study, making them look natural.

Day 1 Done

We felt this was a productive day at the office. We have put ourselves in a great position to get this website built, indexed and ranking in the search engines.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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