The problem with the internet is it is just so big and it is very hard to keep track of all the information about your business.

Review websites, personal blogs and social media networks are places where people will be discussing your business…. Good and Bad.

It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty.

I wrote about why the change from SEO to Reputation Marketing and after speaking with a prospective client last week, the decision is even stronger.

Bad reputation sticks

Speaking to business owners every day, we get a real understanding of the damaging effect a couple of bad reviews can do for businesses.

The problem is most business owners do not know when these reviews are being written or how to handle negative reviews written about them online. So they just leave them in the hope that they go away…

The problem with the internet is nothing goes away. It is there for all to see and use to make a judgement.

eg: Review from a business owner on Yelp

“yelp will destroy your business and reputation and they don’t care about it!”  via

As a small business owner, I placed my business on YELP.  Now I am so sorry I did.  My name and reputation mean everything to me and my business.  I will bend over backwards and do flips and jumps to make a client happy.  When a recent client had a misunderstanding as to the date of delivery for her photo album, she placed a negative remark on YELP that was horrible.  When she realized her mistake, she immediately went back to YELP and retracted the negative remarks and left a positive review with a 5 star rating.  

This is how to deal with a bad review but remember Yelp and other directories are part of the internet and the information is out there.

The solution to Mr. George’s problem is reputation marketing.

Building a reputation by generating positive reviews from his past & present clients to balance his star ratings as well as move his negative review to page 2/3 and beyond.

Time to help businesses

“All the SEO in the world can not fix a bad reputation”

LuxSaf was founded with the sole intention of generating greater ROI for the businesses that work with us.

The foundation of our business is to build a 5-Star reputation that will entice customers to use that business because of the fantastic reputation.

78% of customers trust online reviews as if they were recommendations from a family member!

Ask yourself, do you want more calls?

If so, then you need reputation marketing. Get in touch today and find out how we can improve your business online.

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